The Cattery

All kitty condos include a sunny window, garden view, bench rests, comfy beds and 'toilet' and are temperature controlled, with classical music providing a serene environment for our feline guests. There are:

  • 12 single/6 double (for multiple kittys) condos,
  • 3 double condos offering a 2 room suite each with private "bath" for the discriminating guest who may require extra comfort.

Playtime offers a spacious multi-level screened porch for bird watching or napping in the sun.

Kennel dry food offered:
Iams Original Chicken
Purina One Chicken & Rice
Owners are welcome to bring their own food. Must been in a sealed container if dry.


The play area

Guests relaxing



8255 White Oak Road, Garner, NC 27529