The Kennels

Our inside/outside kennels are heated and air conditioned along with ceiling fans for excellent air circulation. We keep a constant temperature of 70 degrees, which together with the classical music, provides a stable environment for our guests. There are:

  • 14 inside/outside runs 4' X 14'
  • 3 inside runs 4' X 6'
  • 1 double run 8' X 14' for our multi pet families or giant breeds.

Outside areas are roofed for shade and security and are separated by walls between the different kennels. Toys and personal bedding items are welcomed.

The grassed and tree shaded play yard is secured by a solid 6 foot fence. Our nature walks are done on beautiful trails through fields and along brooks (see the 'facilty' section).

Kennel dry food offered:
Purina One Chicken & Rice
Purina One Lamb & Rice
Again owners are welcome to bring their own food. Must be in a sealed container (no bags) with name of pet and feeding instructions.
Special Diets & Medications are dispensed at no charge. The exception would be any treatment such as ear cleaning, drying and medications. The charge would be $2.00 per day.



8255 White Oak Road, Garner, NC 27529